Sunday - 10:00 am CST
Wednesday - 7:00 pm CST

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Sunday School .... Sun 8:45 am

Sunday Worship .... Sun 10:00 am

Bible Study .... Wed. 7:00 pm


Women’s Ministry

Wed. 7:00 pm & Sun. 8:45 am


Men’s Ministry

Wed. 7:00 pm & Sun. 8:45 am


Teen Church ....Wed. 7:00 pm


We plan to equip each member and believer for a specific ministry, by maturing him or her to a place where they can discover their spiritual gifts, heart’s desires, abilities, personality and use them alone with their experiences of the past to help promote the kingdom of God. This will be done through bible studies, small groups, seminars, retreats, and Christian schooling. The result will be to welcome thousands of believers to the body of Christ, thereby maintaining St. James Baptist Church as a satellite church, and planting other churches to facilitate the overflow.

My wife Joyce and I give God all the praise and glory for the work He is doing through “St. James Baptist Church and Arthur Smith Ministries.” We know that the Lord Jesus Christ Himself with the help of the Holy Spirit is the Senior Partner in all of our endeavors. As he issues the orders, we simply obey and enjoy the fruits of obedience.

After many years in the ministry, we are coming into our full strength. Our call in this hour is to bring believers into full maturity. Just as Jesus had disciples to help expand His mission, so the Lord has directed us to invite partners in this vision to help us carry out the awesome work that God has laid to our charge. We are asking you to pray about becoming an “Arthur Smith Ministry Partner.” We believe that God is calling many people to work together with us in His plan to preach this gospel around the world. May God’s richest and best be yours as you partner with us in spreading the Word of God.