Sunday School .... Sun 8:45 am

Sunday Worship .... Sun 10:00 am

Bible Study .... Wed. 7:00 pm


Women’s Ministry

Wed. 7:00 pm & Sun. 8:45 am


Men’s Ministry

Wed. 7:00 pm & Sun. 8:45 am


Teen Church ....Wed. 7:00 pm



St. James Family Worship is a 21st Centrury family oreinted ministry geared toward strengthening the family. The family is the fiber that holds everything together in this dimension. The downfall of a nation begins in the homes of it’s people. It is our desire to build strong tight-knitted families. Connect with us through one or more of our ministries and grow to another level of spiritual maturity in your life and your family’s life.

Forever committed to your spiritual growth’
Pastor Arthur D. Smith Sr.


You Should Expect Relevant Sermons (with a touch of humor) You don’t have to be bored listening to endless messages that don’t seem to relate to your life! Each message is about 45 minutes and usually includes easy to follow main points and a syllabus handout that helps lead you to a point of challenge. If you are going to go through the effort of coming, we are committed to making the sermon relevant:

  • Drama / Human Video / Music Video
  • Humor
  • Special Music

You Should Expect A Refreshing Music and Worship Experience. At St. James our exciting worship team will play a mix of contemporary and traditional worship songs. St James is a well-balanced 21st century musical church.

You Should Expect A Warm Family Atmosphere. We will greet you warmly when you visit. You count! You matter! And God has a great exciting plan for you life!

NOTE: When you visit, we will not ask you for money. Members take care of the ministry needs not visitors. So feel safe to come and enjoy the service.

You Should Expect that we will not be concerned with how you are dressed. We
are sometimes asked: What do I wear and what will you expect from me? Wear what you feel comfortable in! Most of our people dress casual! Be yourself – come as you are. We won’t make you wear a visitor badge or stand up and sing a solo. We want you to remain as anonymous as you’d like, but we encourage you to visit St. James several weeks to get a good feel of all we offer to you and your family.