Sunday School .... Sun 8:45 am

Sunday Worship .... Sun 10:00 am

Bible Study .... Wed. 7:00 pm


Women’s Ministry

Wed. 7:00 pm & Sun. 8:45 am


Men’s Ministry

Wed. 7:00 pm & Sun. 8:45 am


Teen Church ....Wed. 7:00 pm



Men’s Ministry
A local training ground for men, to produce masculine models of leadership by developing character and integrity through consistent prayer and scriptural teaching. We are a constant care center for men to express themselves regarding issues that affect them daily, thereby allowing Christian home settings to become more peaceful. Our goal is to teach each man who attends to become the Godly priest and spiritual covering of the home, and a Godly example to the community. Men taught to lead their households in Godly authority, according to the Word of God. Our focus is to work the Vision of this ministry by unifying and strengthening the men within the walls to become a bonded strength to reach those outside the walls.

Women’s Ministry
The Women’s Ministry of SJFW accents the Vision/Purpose of the church. We function under the spiritual coverings of our husbands and pastor. It is a small group setting to learn about issues that are pertinent to, and that affect women. Whether they are financial, marital, singleness, or health issues, etc., we are aspiring to become an outreach of greater magnitude each year. We are charged with the undertaking of training each woman to go to the next level of spiritual maturity, so as to become a “true” woman of God. Our women’s ministry is a breeding ground for P-31 MODELS. (“Proverbs 31 Women”)

Senior’s Ministry
The Senior Ministry provides Christ-centered activities addressing the spiritual, educational, and social needs in this rapidly growing segment of our society. Our goal is to promote seniors living to their fullest potential to the glory of God. Our senior family includes people with adult children, retirees, grandparents, and widows/widowers. While there are various needs with seniors, all share the common need for salvation in Christ and a sense of being of value and productive servants of Jesus. “The righteous will flourish like a palm tree…They will still bear fruit in old age…” Psalm 92:12,14

Youth Ministry
St. James Teen Ministry is a 21st century youth ministry geared toward helping children to come to know Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. Our purpose is to SHARE Christ with the Youth of South Central Alabama, TEAM them up with other Christian Youth, ADVANCE their spiritual growth, help them RECOGNIZE their spiritual gifts and SURRENDER their lives

Children’s Ministry
WKFC Children’s Ministry is dedicated to partnering with parents in seeing their children receive a great spiritual foundation for their lives. Each week your child can be a part of exciting environments that teach godly values at an age-appropriate level. God’s Word will come alive to your child as they learn to apply it to their everyday life.

“Jesus said, ‘Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Matthew 19:14

Toddler’s Ministry
Toddlers are the jewels of SJFW. They are trained at an early age how to worship God and respect their parent. You can rest assured that as you listen to the Word of God as you visit SJFW that your TODDLER’S are in good hand. The Toddlers ministry provides a safe haven for toddler’s to grow and advance as children to become a wholesome kid.