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Pastor Atrhur D. Smith, Sr.


Arthur D. Smith, Sr. is the currently the Senior Pastor of St. James Family Worship located in Wetumpka, Alabama. Acting upon a mandate from God, Pastor Smith moved he and his family to Wetumpka, Alabama thereupon assuming the pastorate of St. James Baptist Church in August of 1993 – thus giving birth to an extraordinary, yet humble vision. He is the husband of the equally anointed woman of God, Joyce, and the father of two anointed children – Valencia and Arthur Smith, Jr.

Pastor Smith began his tenure at St. James on April 11, 1993 on Resurrection Sunday Morning. The church’s total membership on role was only about sixty (66) and, with only about one-half (1/2) of those members actually attending services regularly. Under his leadership and following after the vision that God has placed in Pastor Smith, St James Family Worship has become one of the fastest growing ministries in South-central Alabama. In January 1997, a conceptualized “Deliverance Center” with a seating capacity of 750-seats was completed and is already serving more than 500 worshipers. This young man is forever in labor with a vision to birth, and a willingness to bear the pains.

God has gifted Pastor Smith with a paralyzing anointing to preach the truth based upon biblical principles and common-sense applications. His style of preaching and teaching has been described as compelling, energetic, fiery, awesome, and penetrating to the soul. After attending any of the “life-altering services, he will all the more point to Jesus for the glory and the praise.

God’s heartbeat in him has manifested a compassion for the lost – allowing the Spirit of God to use him to win souls and to see seeking men and women gain an uplifting “newness” from his teaching. His down to earth, practical, wholesome and humble nature allows him to relate to anyone in any given situation. He is truly a “pastor according to the heart of God.”